Keg Maintenance

Simplify keg maintenance with automated reminders.

Keg Maintenance

Every brewer knows how important keg maintenance is. Chemical washes, seal checks, spear inspections: these are essential to providing a long life to your kegs and safe passage for your beer.

It's also a lot of overhead, especially for small to medium size craft brewers. Maintenance schedules with tedious, manual record keeping are no one’s idea of a fun shift at the brewery. When even just small mistakes are made in this monotonous task, kegs slip through the cracks and fall into disrepair, creating issues for your beer. Some of our customers asked us to help make this simpler for them so everyone can focus on making and selling more beer. We’ve been testing it out with a handful of breweries over the last month and we think you’ll like it.

With a little set-up at the beginning, it’ll be a simple addition to your keg handling process. Just add the types of maintenance that your brewery performs on its kegs.

Then as your kegs go through their fill cycles, Distribrewtion will track when they're due based on the schedule that you set-up. When one is due for maintenance, Distribrewtion notifies brewery staff as soon as they update the keg as Dirty or Clean.

This is the best time to set the keg aside, ready for maintenance before it gets filled. Once the maintenance is performed just record it in the scanner.

You can check the maintenance status of any keg on its info page and even see the full history.

Try it out and let us know if this makes life a little bit better at your brewery. We’d love your feedback.

Special thanks goes to these breweries whose early feedback helped us develop the Keg Maintenance feature.

  • Buena Vista Brewing Co. from Santa Cruz, CA
  • Far Field Beer Company from Lawndale, CA
  • Pilot Brewing from Charlotte, NC
  • Woody's Brewing Co. from Redding, CA